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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't ____ in the list of celebrities?

If your Kpop Celebrity has an account on Weibo or Instagram and you don't see them on this site, feel free to email us at admin@kpopsnaps.com with details of the account to follow and who they are and we'll try to accommodate your request.

Why don't you follow celebrities' official twitter accounts?

We are looking to implement this in the forseeable future.

This website seems very much like www.soshisnaps.com! Did you copy them?

Yes, and No. We are also the creators of www.soshisnaps.com hence the similarities! =)

Why are the updates sometimes not immediate?

Though we strive our best to give you the best experience with fast updates, this website depends on multiple services for it to run successfully (i.e. Instagram API, Weibo API, Twitter API). Sometimes, these services may been experiencing issues which may affect the running of our website.

This celebrity's profile picture has changed but you still show the old one on your website!

We currently only check for changed profile pictures the next time the user updates. You will see the updated profile picture then. =)

Can you put translations in for each update?

Work in progress. Please check back later.

Do you check for comments on updates?

Work in progress. Please check back later.

How do I get to the individual update page with a video?

Click on the little magnifying glass icon next to the Instagram or Weibo icon.

If a celebrity has two accounts (one on weibo, and one of instagram), how do I filter by just one account?

Sorry, we currently don't offer such functionality!

An update you originally had has disappeared! Where did it go?

If a celebrity deletes their update from Instagram or Weibo, we are obliged to remove the update from our site as well. We hope you understand!

This celebrity deleted their update but it's still on your site! Why haven't you removed it?

We apologise and if you email us at admin@kpopsnaps.com with a link to the specific update that was removed, it would be greatly appreciated, so we know to remove it.
Please understand that this is still a manual process and there is no automatic checker for deleted statuses, hence why we may not have removed them yet.

The layout is really hard to use (and/or) its just really ugly in general!

We would agree, do know that this is on our to-do list! If you would like to help graphics for banners/icons, please email us at admin@kpopsnaps.com.

The videos give me an unsupported mime type error!

It appears you are using an unsupported browser, we recommend you try using Chrome.

I'm experiencing technical difficulties with your website!

We're sorry to hear that, if you could email us at admin@kpopsnaps.com with the specific problem you're having, together with what browser you are using (You can check which browser and version you are using by visiting WhatBrowser). Would also be helpful if you included screenshots to help us fix your problem.
Please note, whilst we strive to make our site as user-friendly as possible, we currently do not support any versions of Internet Explorer on our site and issues due to using this browser may not be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Can I donate to your website? And if I do, what will it be used for?

Yes we accept donations through paypal. For now, any proceeds will go towards server costs to keep the site running. If you would like donate, please email us at admin@kpopsnaps.com for further details.

Other Questions, Feedback and Suggestions?

Feel free to email us at admin@kpopsnaps.com.

This product uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram.

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